Cake Decorating Classes: Something Sweet to do in Memphis

Looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift? Something different to do on the weekend? We are happy to add another option on your ‘fun stuff to do in Memphis’ list.   

Our cake decorating classes are unlike any other you’ll find in town (or otherwise). Not only are they entertaining, they’re full of information you can actually use later on AND you get to take home a masterpiece of your very own. You don’t even have to bring anything with you but your smiling faces and willingness to learn!   

Frost classes are taught using Frost techniques by Frost cake decorators. Because they decorate cakes for our customers every day, they are up-to-date on the latest cake decorating ideas, tools and techniques. They are professionals and they’ll let you in on the industry secrets.   

Back to Basics

Ready to get started on the right foot? We’ve got a class to show you the basic art of frosting and decorating a cake. We’ll teach you about cake decorating tools, bags, tips and an exploration into different styles of cakes. You’ll learn how to how to properly torte, fill, and frost a cake. Practice your basic border techniques, decorative piping, drop flowers and leaves. 

Basic Fondant 

You’ve seen them in our bakery, at weddings and All. Over. Pinterest. Now it’s your turn to learn the basic art of covering a cake in fondant and using fondant to create decorative elements on a cake. We’ve got a class that covers it; we’ll demonstrate how to knead, color, roll out and cover a cake using both a rolling pin and a fondant sheeter. Students will learn basic fondant techniques and what tools to use to create the perfect design.   

The techniques learned in both of these classes will be used to finish a 9" layer cake that you’ll get to take home, show off and take the credit for! Not that you would brag or anything. These cakes retail for $38 in our store but your masterpiece is included in the price of the class! So what are you waiting for? Learn more or go ahead and sign up today in the store in Laurelwood Shopping Center or by calling 901-652-8815.

Posted by Kiersten Bagley at 16:47

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