How to Create an Edible Easter Basket

There is no shortage of creative ways to celebrate the Easter holiday. We recently stumbled upon this adorable, edible Easter basket.

To make this basket, bake crispy rice cereal treats with fluffy marshmallows, according to the package. For more color, add some sprinkles to the mix. Press the warm treats against the inside of large bowls covered in wax paper. Allow the molded bowls to cool and remove once they have hardened.

Now, you’re ready to add some Frost touches to the treat basket! We’ve got colorful cookies of all kinds that are sure to delight. From spring flowers to hatching chicks, they’re goodies bursting with personality.   

This presentation is a great surprise for kids, adults or can even serve as an Easter centerpiece or decoration. Stop by Frost to brighten your Easter holiday with delicious cookies, custom cakes and a variety of other sweet creations!

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Posted by Bill Kloos at 15:49

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