Custom Guidelines

What is our definition of a customized item?  We define a custom dessert as an item different that what we carry in the shop on a daily basis.  Desserts with specific colors, themes, designs & details would be considered a custom.   For example, we carry a 9" vanilla cake with vanilla (ivory colored) frosting every day.  If you wanted a 9" vanilla cake with vanilla frosting tinted purple, that would be considered a custom item, since we do not carry a purple colored cake for walk-in purchases.

Availability: We recommend a minimum of 2+ weeks for availability reasons.  Busy custom months like May, June, and October require 3 weeks or more in advance.

Pricing:  Pricing for custom desserts are unique to each order, and are based on servings, but most importantly DESIGN.  Average pricing for customized desserts are $4-$7 per serving.  The more extensive the design, the more expensive it can be.  Please remember that these are edible works of art where decorators spend many hours ensuring that your order is a masterpiece. 

Paperwork:  We believe in putting everything in writing, so we will not give custom pricing over the phone.  Your itemized custom paperwork will be sent to you via email with details and pricing.  If you approve, then payment in full will secure your order.

Flavors: We offer our custom cakes in Strawberry, Chocolate, & Vanilla.  We are able to do custom cakes with most other flavors on our menu, as long as the order is placed & paid for 2 full weeks in advance.

Securing your Order: All custom orders must be PAID IN FULL before they are put on our calendar to be made.  Payment acts as your signature that you agree with the details and policies for ordering a custom cake, so please read through your quote before submitting payment.

We DO NOT take deposits or partial payments.

Changes/Cancellations: No changes or cancellations within 7 days of pickup.  Cancellations more than 7 days before the pickup date will be charged a $20 service fee.  Refunds will need 5 business days to be completed on our end.

Steps to get the process started:  We are no longer doing in person consultations.  All inquiries must be submitted through the our website.  Here are the steps to obtain a custom item:

  1. Submit an inquiry.  Please give us 48 hours to respond to your quote, unless it is Friday or Saturday.  We will respond Sundays through Thursdays.
  2. Check your email.   Confirm that our emails didn't go to your junk/spam folder.
  3. Respond to questions or read through your quotation paperwork.
  4. Call or come in to the store to pay for your order in full. 
  5. Come to the shop to pick up your custom item at the specified date & time on your paperwork.

We look forward to helping you create an edible work of art that tastes as good as it looks!

Store Hours

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Yelp Review

“The Coconut Cake was very coconuty and sweet. Yummy. The Banana Nut Cake tasted like a sweeter version of Banana Nut Bread. It still has the denseness and earthiness to it, which I liked.”

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