Decorating Parties

Tier 1

$250 up to 10 children; $25/additional per child

  • 1.5 hours for private room with tables, chairs, and bright colored table cloths, gift table

  • 1 Party assistant – instruction and clean up only (not the adult in charge)

  • Set up and clean up

  • Solid color plates, napkins, forks and cups for food & drink

  • Decorating Activity for kids to bring home

    • 14 mini vanilla cupcake pull-a-part cake per child in take home box

    • 4 frosting colors (for every 2 children) – bags, tips, & frosting provided

    • Sprinkles & glitter

    • Candy for topping – choose either M&M’s, Nerds, or Skittles

  • Decorating Instruction

    • Demonstration of coloring & mixing frosting – instructor only

    • Demonstration of using different tips

    • Frosting bags already colored and filled (shared between 2 children) 

    • Practice of piping techniques

  • Party favors – Free cupcake/cookie card & decorated pull-a-part (aprons will be provided for the party but must be returned to Frost at the end) 

Guest Provides:

  • Adult leads food, drink, gift, & optional activities portion of party

  • Brings Food and drink 

  • Balloons and/or Themed decorations (optional)

  • Games (optional)

  • Adult supervision – 1 adult for every 2 children 

Tier 2

$350 up to 10 children; $30/additional per child: 

  • Includes all of tier 1 

  • Customized cake up to $125 (9” round – strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla) or credit towards a larger customized cake

Tier 3

$450 up to 10 children; $35/additional per child:  

  • Includes all of tier 1 and tier 2

  • Food & Drink

    • Choice of pizza or sandwiches

      • 3 medium single topping pizzas – 24 slices – Papa Johns

      • 1 Lenny’s sandwich platter –
        pick 2:  turkey, ham, roast beef, veggie & bread – white or wheat

    • Juice Boxes

Add ons:

  • 20% discount on any standard products for party

  • Additional frosting colors for decorating – each additional color $25

  • Vanilla Ice Cream - $1/child

Rules & Guidelines

Party host = parents of child

  1. Payment – 

  • $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve date; scheduling is 1st come, 1st served
  • Maximum 15 kids
  • Payment in full due 7 days before party; RSVP’s for guest count must be submitted at this time.
  1. Customized cake (Tier 2) - Design & flavor are due 7 days prior to party date.

  2. Outside food is allowed, but no outside desserts allowed.  Alcohol is not allowed.

  3. Room is available 15 minutes before scheduled party start time.

  4. Decorations and Games/Activities Decorations must be hung with sticky tac.  No items used to attach to walls can damage Frost property.  Decorations will be discarded after the party is over.  Games & Activities are allowed, but are optional.  These must be provided by the party host.

  5. Parent Supervision – Adults are responsible to directly supervise their children at all times. Children ages 4 – 6 years old are required to have an adult stay with them during the duration of the party.  Chairs will be provided around the perimeter of the room for adults.  If children are dropped off at parties (ages 7+ only), the party hosts are responsible for supervising the children.  The Frost Party Assistant is there to help facilitate the decorating activity, cut the cake, and clean the facility.  They are not responsible for monitoring behaviors or monitoring children in the restroom.  This will be the responsibility of the party hosts and parents.  The Party host will be held financially responsible for any damages to Frost property by attendees of the party.

Typical Party Itinerary

  1. Some Parents bring an activity to do while guests are arriving - optional

  2. Food

  3. Eat Cake/Desserts

  4. Gifts/Activities

  5. Clean up & set room

  6. Decorating:

    1. Instructor demonstrates – mixing frosting, holding frosting bag, squeezing technique, changing tips

    2. Practice on laminated sheets; Decide on design – rainbow, heart, bullseye, butterfly, whatever!

    3. Decorate cupcake pull-apart; party finished when child is done decorating


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